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Download IPNetInfo free version 1.55

Download IPNetInfo free version 1.55
IPNetInfo is a program that allows you to obtain information from an IP or domain , such as the owner's data: address, telephone, email (as long as it has not been privately registered); Also the country to which that IP belongs, the city, and the expiration date of the domain. This last information can be useful for those who look for domains to register, since you can know if it is busy and, if it is, you will know which day expires.

The application allows you to know where you sent a particular email, copying the text of the email header (available in any email account, including Hotmail or Gmail) and IPNetInfo will extract the IP addresses that appear there and return the information related to them.

You can also determine from a domain your IP and know where the site corresponding to that domain is hosted. From the latest version it is able to recognize IPv6 addresses.

What this application does in itself is to send requests to the ARIS whois server, and in case of not obtaining data it tries to obtain the whois on other servers like RIPE, APNIC or LACNIC. The results are displayed in a table which can be exported to other formats such as HTML.

IPNetInfo 1.55 is the latest version (updated in May 2014) of this utility. It works for Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7, with the possibility of adding a patch in case you want to translate it into Spanish. It's free.

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