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Download HWMonitor freeso

Download HWMonitor freeso
HWMonitor is a program that monitors the state of the system, and indicates the values ​​of various parameters, such as: temperature (processor, disk, video card, etc.), voltage, speed, Values ​​more.

It supports the most common sensor chips such as ITE IT87, Winbond ICs and others. It also supports the thermal sensors of the cores of the most modern CPUs. This release adds support for Intel Xeon E5 processors, Intel Core i7-3960X, 3930K and 3820, Intel IvyBridge, AMD FX and AMD Opteron Interlagos.

According to the obtained values ​​it is possible to know if there are problems like the superheating of some component, which serves to alert the user and to suggest him to take some precautionary measure. Next to the value of each component the acceptable range (minimum and maximum values) is shown.

The program does not require installation, and it only achieves with running it to display a complete report. It does not write to the registry and to uninstall it reaches with delete files.

HWMonitor 1.25 is the latest version (updated June 2014) of this software that can be downloaded for free. It works for all versions of Windows (for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions), adding support for Windows 8 in this latest edition.

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