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Download HDClone 5.0.3 free

Download HDClone 5.0.3 free
HDClone is a program that allows you to copy the contents of the hard disk and the drivers, creating a clone that will facilitate and simplify the tedious task of having to format the disk and reinstall the operating system and contents.

The process begins with the creation of a bootable disk (bootable CD) necessary to start with the cloning of the disks or some of the partitions of the disk. Then restart the computer with the bootable CD, and you can now start the clone process to the new disk drive.

The application makes an exact copy (bit by bit), but does not allow to modify the extension of the partitions, process that can be done with some other software.

This tool supports IDE, ATA, SATA, SATA II and eSATA (AHCI) disks; USB 2.0 devices; NTFS and FAT partitions; And multiple operating systems.

HDClone 5.0.3 is the latest version (updated April 2014) of this software that you can free download . Works under Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

There are other payment versions (Basic, Standard, Professional, Enterprise) with more features, among them the cloning of partitions, a higher copy speed, support for USB 3.0, support for SCSI disks, and so on.

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