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Download GonVisor

Download GonVisor

GonVisor is a program that allows you to open images in any format, but is designed and optimized for reading comics, e-books, magazines or photo albums. It supports the formats most used for these purposes, as they are: cbr, cbz, cba and cb7.

The program loads the comic or the magazine allowing you to comfortably move the page with a click or a key. The image fits the viewer's sheet size, and you can easily move forward and read almost like a real comic. It also has an automatic mode to move images at each fixed time interval.

It supports the format PDF, being able to extract the images contained in files of this type. It is possible the reverse process, ie from images can create a PDF, but for this you need some program like PDFCreator that creates a virtual print.

It also supports compressed files like RAR, ZIP or 7-zip composed by images, not being necessary to unzip them to a folder as the application reads them.

GonVisor is able to create files in CBR or CBZ format from a set of images. They can be ordered, and a description can be added.

GonVisor 2.22 is the latest version, updated in July 2013, of this software to see photos and comics that you can download for free. It is available in Spanish for all versions of Windows.

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