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Download GanttProject

Download GanttProject
GanttProject is a program that allows to create Gantt and PERT diagrams, used during the management of any type of project.

Gantt diagrams are used to plan the various stages that are part of a project, and are to plot on a timeline the tasks, phases and activities that must be developed during the project. Each task corresponds to a horizontal line, whose length depends on the time that is estimated will require its execution.

PERT diagrams, on the other hand, are designed with the aim of representing the relationships that exist between the different tasks that are part of a project; And they are plotted without taking into account the distribution over time, but trying to show the precedence, ie how the start of a task depends on the completion of one or more previous tasks.

The GanttProject workspace is divided into two panels: one for the details of the tasks, and another (the calendar) where the timeline is displayed.

In order to create a Gantt diagram, the resources associated with the project must first be defined: the persons responsible for each task, a description of each task, the start and finish dates of each task, the precedence rules, and so on. This previous definition is giving shape to the graph that appears in the panel corresponding to the calendar, which can be navigated horizontally, traversing the duration of the project.

The data entered are also reflected in the generation of the PERT graph, which consists of a set of related nodes, each representing a task and the precedence relationships that must be met. The disadvantage of getting the PERT diagram from the Gantt, is that you do not have many options to customize it.

The graphics obtained can be saved as PNG images, or can be exported to HTML format, or exported as PDF document. You can also import projects created with the Microsoft Project tool.

The use of the application is quite intuitive, has a friendly interface, and is also available in Spanish, therefore, the steps to follow should not present difficulties. There is a video tutorial (in English) that explains step by step the operation of this application, and of this other video tutorial in Spanish ( unofficial ).

GanttProject 2.6.5 (release 1638) is the latest version available, updated in February 2014, which runs under Windows, Linux and MacOSX. It can be downloaded and used for free. This new edition fixes several bugs present in the previous stable version.

Java Runtime is required so that you can run this application.

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