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Download Game Booster 4

Download Game Booster 4
Game Booster is a program that optimizes the system to improve the performance of the games. To achieve this, the application temporarily suspends some processes that run in the background and clean the RAM to be exploited to the maximum, exclusively by the game to be executed. It also defragments the folders where the game files are located.

After optimizing the RAM, the application indicates the amount of MB that it was able to release; And when it finishes playing, it restarts the interrupted processes and services, leaving the system in the state in which it was before playing.

Game Booster is also responsible for updating the drivers and installing the latest versions of those drivers related to games, such as those corresponding to the video card, or sound card, among others.

This program is very easy to use since you can execute it and change it to "Game Mode", and when it is no longer necessary you can return to "Normal Mode".

In this latest version is added the possibility of customizing the list of suspended processes, with the aim of protecting or prioritizing certain processes that do not want to be interrupted during the time that Game Booster is applied. Also added is a tool to make captures during a game, either to share with friends or to upload to a forum.

Game Booster 4 (4.2.45) is the latest version, updated in April 2014,
of this utility that can be downloaded and installed for free in Windows 8, 7 and Vista; While for Windows XP and 2000 you must select the previous version (3.7). It is translated into Spanish.

Download (Windows 8, 7, Vista)

Download (Windows XP)

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