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Download Fresh Diagnose

Download Fresh Diagnose
Fresh Diagnose is a program that performs an analysis of the system, allowing to obtain as a result a listing with varied information about the different components of the PC.

The hardware used is very comprehensive and includes CPU, memory, hard drive, motherboard, PCI / AGP buses, video, etc., in addition to component information peripherals like printer, mouse, keyboard, etc., and also provides information about the software installed On the computer, in addition to log data and data related to the network.

This application allows benchmarking, this is a measurement and comparison of the system with others, for example: compare the performance results of our PC with other equipment predefined with a particular processor, different memory, and so on; With the objective of knowing how much can be gained in performance in the case of changing towards some of the models compared.

The application also makes a diagnosis of the programs in execution, of the software installed and of the processes that are running.

The interface is very attractive, similar to the Windows Explorer, where representative icons of each component are displayed. It is available in Spanish.

Fresh Diagnose 8.67 is the new version 2013 of this software that helps to know the health of our computer. It is free to install in any version of Windows, although after some days the user is asked to register (free) to continue using it.

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