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Download Free Pascal

Download Free Pascal
Free Pascal is a compiler for the programming language Pascal, compatible with Turbo Pascal 7.0; Being a good free alternative to Turbo Pascal de Borland. It is also compatible with most versions of Delphi.

This integrated development environment (IDE) includes an editor to write or load programs, a compiler (which supports cross-compiling with the aim of generating executables for different platforms and operating systems) and a debugger to test programs and discover errors. This IDE is very similar to Borland, whereas there is a variant called Lazarus, more oriented to the visual, and more similar to the Delphi IDE.

Pascal is a language that has traditionally been used to learn to program because it is heavily structured, forcing to be ordered and to write programs easy to read and to modify. With Turbo Pascal, language has evolved, incorporating object-oriented programming.

Free Pascal 2.6.4 is the last version, updated in April 2014. It presents versions for different architectures and operating systems. Works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Two, and more. It's free.

In the official site there is an extensive and complete documentation for users and Pascal programmers. The same is in English, but it is possible to find on the web a lot of tutorials from Pascal in Spanish.

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Download  for other operating systems

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