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Download Fotosizer

Download Fotosizer
Fotosizer is a program that allows you to reduce the size of your photos. It is common for digital cameras to be configured to take high resolution photos that occupy several megabytes, which can be a problem when they want to send by email or upload to a website, and therefore it will be convenient to reduce the size.

This tool lets you resize photos batch ( batch ) to speed the task and avoid having to retouch each photo one by one. It achieves with selecting a folder or marking a set of images.

Fotosizer allows to carry out the reduction process in three steps: It selects the photos, establishes the new dimensions, and finally determines the folder where they are to be saved. It should be clarified that in case of reducing the width of the photograph, its height will be reduced proportionally automatically (either in pixels or in percentage), or on the contrary it should be specified that it only reduces in its width but not in Is height, or vice versa.

The application already has some patterns of pre-established measures in case the photos are to be saved on certain devices such as iPhone, iPod, Sony PSP, etcetera.

To the tool of reduction of the size of the photographs is added other editing tools, which allow, for example: to rotate or to invert the photos; And you can also apply some effects on photos: black and white, sepia and negative.

Fotosizer 2.09 is the latest version (updated March 2014) of this program that can be downloaded for free. It works under Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and is available in Spanish.

NOTE: In this free edition, some of its functions have been limited to professional editing, for example, the ability to add text, add watermarks, apply rounded borders, and some other functions.

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