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Download Foto2Avi free

Download Foto2Avi free
Foto2Avi is a program that converts a set of photos into video. From photos in the most common formats (JPG, PNG or BMP) it is possible to create videos in various formats (AVI, MPG, MKV and FLV ), thus being able to easily achieve presentations, which can consist of a simple sequence of images, or Have a variety of special transition effects between each image.

This program is ideal for getting animations that can then be uploaded to YouTube. It supports the FLV format of Flash, therefore the obtained videos can be easily added in web pages.

A logo and subtitles can be added to the presentations; And you can also add audio in MP3, AC3, OGG or WAV format. 

The editor allows you to make adjustments to the movies (brightness, color and so on), and configure some other parameters, in order to improve the quality of the output image.

The application is capable of generating videos of high definition (HD), similar in quality to those that can be seen with a device of blu ray, but to achieve it requires of photos with a good resolution.

The process is simple: the set of images is selected, and any effects are chosen for each transition between the photos. If necessary, an audio file is selected, and subtitles are added. This whole process can be carried out quite intuitively.

Foto2Avi 4.2 is the latest version (updated January 2013) of this software. It adds some quality-related improvements in resolution, adds x264 support for encode and adds support for subtitles in MKV, among other improvements.

It works under Windows and can be downloaded for free.

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