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Download FEBE to back up Firefox

Download FEBE to back up Firefox
Firefox Environment Backup Extension ( FEBE) is an extension for Firefox that allows backing up data, configurations and extensions installed in the browser. It also serves to synchronize Firefox between several computers.

FEBE allows you to back up everything you need: themes, favorites, passwords, profiles, addons, cookies, and so on. By default all elements are supported, but it is possible to select which of them to consider. The backups will be able to be recovered and applied on another computer that has this browser installed, or on the same system, in case you had to format the disk.

With this application it is possible to schedule the backups to be executed periodically, being stored in separated folders, recognizable by a white mark that allows to identify their dates more easily. You can determine how many folders to keep, so that the oldest ones are deleted.

FEBE is the latest version, released in June 2013, of this extension to make Firefox backups that can be downloaded free to install in the browser. It is available in Spanish and supports the most recent versions of the browser.

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