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Download eViacam free

Download eViacam free
Enable Viacam ( eViacam ) is a program that allows you to simulate the movement of the mouse with the movement of the head by the user, without needing any hardware or special device, more than a webcam.

Combined with another program that presents an on-screen keyboard, it will enable the user to write without typing; Therefore this application is the solution so that people with some type of disability such as cerebral palsy, or with motor problems, can use the PC and surf the Internet. It was developed with the support of the Provincial Association of Cerebral Palsy of Tarragona.

eViacam is distributed under GNU / GPL license, therefore it is open to any researcher access the code and continue to incorporate improvements to this great project.

For the correct operation of the application you have to follow some necessary steps to configure the webcam optimally and for the user to adjust the speed and other parameters. The user's head should be centered and approximately one-third the width of the visual. Then you have to configure other aspects and start testing it, being essential that the movements allow to move the mouse pointer to all sectors of the screen.

You must also configure how the user can click. For example, one option is for the click to be automatic (after a few seconds to determine without any movement).

EViacam 1.7.0 is the latest version (May 2013) of this software for the disabled, which can be downloaded free to use in any version of Windows.

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