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Download Everest AIDA64

Download Everest AIDA64
Everest Home Edition and Everest Ultimate have been discontinued, renamed AIDA64. It is a classic program with which you can obtain varied information of the system, with complete reports that include detailed analyzes about various aspects of the PC related to the hardware, software, network and other components.

This application, which some years ago was known as Aida32, is a classic software of great utility for technicians and advanced users.

The information obtained covers hardware such as: Motherboard, CPU, memory, video adapters, monitor, hard drives and other storage devices, network adapters, PCI, PnP, PCMCIA, and so on.

As for the software you can get information about the operating system, including users, groups, etc.; Also server information, installed programs, etc.

The application performs hardware monitoring, performance testing, optimization suggestions, and benchmarking to compare with other configurations.

AIDA64 allows monitoring from a remote PC, which takes control of the PC to analyze. Therefore, a technician will be able to analyze and diagnose problems at a distance.

AIDA64 2.70 is the latest version (updated in November 2012) of this comprehensive analysis software that can be downloaded to evaluate over a period of 30 days, with the possibility of acquiring it on the official site, since after that period it maintains only some Of the many tools available.

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