Monday, 1 May 2017

Download Enigma

Download Enigma
Enigma is a game that helps to exercise memory and ingenuity to reach the solution of more than 500 different scenarios, with up to 1000 levels (landscapes).

It is not a simple jigsaw ( puzzle ) in which there is only form a certain figure, but it is a logic game, very fun, which requires reasoning. It is inspired by Atari's Oxyd, which consists of pushing a ball to open the blocks that form the walls of a maze. If two blocks of the same color are activated, they remain open, and the level is reached when all doors are opened.

When you advance in the game there are levels with a greater degree of difficulty, in which are added puzzles (puzzles), puzzles and obstacles to solve. It is played with the mouse, so it requires agility and speed in its handling.

Enigma 1.21 is the latest version of this ingenious game that can be downloaded free for Windows (including Windows 7), Linux and Mac.

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