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Download EclipseCrossword
EclipseCrossword is a program to create crosswords from a list of words and their respective definitions or clues that must be entered. In a few seconds the application returns a crossword with the combination of words, which can be used to print or publish on a web, for teaching purposes or simply as a hobby.

The application is easy to use, in spite of being in English (the words entered can be in Spanish or in any other language), since it has an intuitive interface, with a guide that indicates the successive steps to create the crossword puzzle. Where " Word " says the word must be entered, and below, where it says "Clue for this Word" goes the clue. You must enter the width of the crossword puzzle, that is, the number of boxes you have on each side. It should be noted that if you create small and have many words may be some outside, while in the reverse case the crossword may have many holes.

The list of words entered can be reused later, and you can have several definitions for the same word.

Eclipse Crossword allows you to save crossword puzzles in various formats, for example, in RTF to be opened by word processor Word or by others, or in EPS and then be converted to PDF, or in WMF to be opened by image editors. It can also be created as Java applet or DHTML (with Javascript), to insert an interactive crossword on a web page.

EclipseCrossword 1.2.59 is the latest version (updated in August 2012) of this software to create soups of lyrics, which can be downloaded free. Works for all versions of Windows.

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