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Download DvDrum

Download DvDrum
Dany's Virtual Drum (DvDrum) is a program that allows you to play a virtual battery with the PC keyboard, simulating the sound produced by the different percussion instruments that make up a traditional battery.

This battery simulator allows you to customize the different key combinations required for its execution, so that the user can choose the most comfortable way to play. The application also allows changing the distribution of the different cymbals and other percussion components that make up this musical instrument, and how to do it is detailed in the tutorials included in the application.

DvDrum is an excellent option to learn to play drums and practice different rhythms; With the possibility of editing and arranging their own or others' melodies. You have the option to record only the audio, or to record the video performance and share it on YouTube.

With Dany's Virtual Drum you can achieve good sound quality, with the possibility of adding various effects to the musical tracks, and thus obtain very good results. Also note that the interface is very well achieved and that the application is easy to use.

In the official website of the application there is a section from which it is possible to download the drum sound of well-known songs, so that they can be run with DvDrum.

DvDrum 3 (3.03 Beta) is the latest version, which is available for free download and use with Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 98).

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