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Download Duplicate Cleaner

Download Duplicate Cleaner
Duplicate Cleaner is a program that searches for duplicate files on hard disks, on partitions, on networks, on portable devices such as pendrives or other storage devices; With the possibility of eliminating the files and free space, besides being able to maintain an order that facilitates access to documents, photos, videos, songs and other files.

The application allows to select the disk drives or folders in which to search for duplicate files, and also allows filtering by file type or according to a certain criterion. For example, you can set it to search only MP3 music files on the entire disc, or in certain folders or in the iTunes collection. It has the advantage that it scans the tags associated with the MP3s, because it is possible that two or more songs, with different file names, match the description of one of the fields of their labels.

Among the possible criteria, you can determine to consider as duplicates when the name, size, or date of the files match; Or just any of these. The application is very powerful when it comes to finding duplicate photos, because in addition to finding those that are accurate, it is able to detect as duplicates the photos that were reduced, rotated or to which some other type of edition.

After completing the scan and analysis, Duplicate Cleaner shows a detailed report with all the repetitions found, being the user who must decide which files to delete and if it makes a backup before the deletion. Special care should be taken with system files, or with dll files that may be repeated, but often need to be, so it is advisable to do nothing in those cases. It has an option to protect files from Windows and does not take them into account.

Duplicate Cleaner 3.2.1 is the latest version, updated in December 2013, of this software to remove duplicate files, which you can download free. Works with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

The latest version is translated into Spanish, but if you have any previous edition, to have this program in Spanish it is necessary to download the file with the translations. You must unzip the file and copy the lang_es.ini file to the application's installation folder. Then from the menu select Options -> Select Language -> English.

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