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Download Domination Risk free

Download Domination Risk free
Domination is the classic board game called Risk (also War in some countries) taken to PC. It is a strategy game based on a map of the Earth divided into countries, which must be conquered by players, who leave with the same number of countries in their possession.

Those who have ever played the board game will remember that competing by throwing dice, and that is played with chips of different colors spread among the players. This game is considered one of the best of all time in its genre.

Domination can be played against the PC (two or more virtual players against one), or between several real players, either from the same PC, or online, remotely connected.

You can select more than one map format, with different designs and color distributions. There are 12 different designs included in the game, but there is also the possibility of downloading new formats.

Domination is the latest version, updated in August 2013, of this game that can be downloaded for free . An edition for Windows is available and a version for Android devices has also recently been released.

There is also a server provided by the creators of this game, where you can play online, but you have to pay.

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