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Download Debut Video Capture 1.82

Download Debut Video Capture 1.82
Debut Video Capture Software is a program that allows you to capture and record video, whether it is a webcam transmission, a sequence of photos, or any type of video or image that is displayed on the PC screen. The result of a capture can be recorded in AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, 3GP and MP4 format, among others.

The application that can be given to this application is very varied: from having the possibility to save what is being watched by webcam (through programs such as Skype, for example), to build a tutorial or manual by mounting a sequence of images To save on video, to record video from a streaming, or to capture from external devices (for example: a VHS recorder). In case of a tutorial, it is possible to add a conversion (through the microphone) and add text, to accompany the presentation.

The application allows you to capture images, for example: you can pause a movie and save an image that may interest you. It also captures and records audio.

Captured video can be sent automatically via email or FTP once finalized, pre-configured using. This can be useful for recording what you see via webcam on a remote PC, for surveillance, or for other purposes.

Debut Video Capture 1.82 is the latest version, updated in March 2013, of this capture software, which works for all versions of Windows (8 inclusive), and which can be downloaded for free .


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