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Download Cyberduck

Download Cyberduck
Cyberduck is an FTP client that adds a version for Windows to the well-known version used by Mac users.

This client allows you to connect via FTP to a remote server in order to transfer files between the server and the local environment (either from a PC or a Mac). It allows the usual operations in this type of applications such as uploading and downloading files, remote file deletion, remote file permissions changes, file synchronization, and many more options.

When a user must make changes to files hosted on a server, after connecting to it (either via FTP, SFTP or WebDAV ), you can edit those files directly through any external editor associated with this application. Each time the changes are edited and saved, the remote file will be updated immediately.

To create a new account associated with a server, it must associate a name, and define the connection parameters: type of access (FTP, SFTP, etc.), server or host, port, user, password; As well as other more advanced options.

In order to reduce upload time when multiple files or very heavy files are available,Cyberduck allows you to upload compressed files in TAR or ZIP format, and then unzip them to the server.

A novel feature that can be extremely useful is the ability to provide direct access to various cloud storage services such as Amazon CloudFront, a content distribution network (CDN). The configuration is simple and a hosting account is required in some of the supported services.

Cyberduck adapts to the needs of the users, also facilitating the access to the contents of Google Docs, being necessary a simple configuration to add the data of the account. You can define access to shared documents by other users. It also supports Google Storage and Amazon S3 protocols, allowing you to upload files to those storage spaces.

In terms of security, this program supports public authentication keys. It also has support for several encryption protocols like Blowfish, 3DES and several others.

Cyberduck can be used to access via SSH and transfer files securely to an iPhone from a PC or a MAC.

Like other FTP clients we have already presented, such as Filezilla , Cyberduck adds a very useful operation as is "drag and drop" from any folder through the Windows Explorer; Which was a feature that we mentioned as unfavorable, but which in this new version is already available. With respect to other clients, the latter has favored the wide availability of access to the aforementioned services; And as for cleaning the interface, ease of use and stability, we particularly prefer Filezilla, but it is a matter of testing and comparing.

On the official site of the project you can access a variety of information about how to configure access to servers and services such as Amazon.

Cyberduck 4.5.1 is the latest version available for free download. This update was published in July 2014.

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