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Download CrystalDiskInfo 6

Download CrystalDiskInfo 6
CrystalDiskInfo is a program that analyzes hard disks and offers varied information and a complete report about the state of the disks.

Some useful data to know the state of the hard disk are: temperature, reading error rate, writing error rate, existence of uncorrectable defective sectors, number of sectors reassigned, speed of Reading, boot time, and so on; Which can anticipate, in case of not being optimal, possible damage that causes measures such as backing up the data.

CrystalDiskInfo can stay resident and generate a report in time, analyzing the evolution of the different parameters, to know for example how the temperature increases after a certain amount of hours of use. It can also be configured to receive alerts when certain conditions are met, for example that the temperature reaches a value higher than a certain number of degrees. Alerts are reported through messages on the desktop, but you can also set up sending an email.

In addition to the mentioned parameters, the application returns data that are fixed, own of the disk, like for example: mark, model, size, firmware, serial number, and other values.

CrystalDiskInfo 6 is the latest version (updated in November 2013) of this utility that you can download free. This version adds support for USB and Firewire disks. It works for all versions of Windows, and is in Spanish.

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