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Download Comodo System Cleaner free

Download Comodo System Cleaner free
Comodo System Cleaner (now known as System Utilities) is a program that brings together a set of utilities and tools that help optimize the system, and improvements in various aspects such as speed, security, and so on.

This application, now known as the Comodo System Utilities, is responsible for analyzing and optimizing various aspects of the system: disk space and unnecessary data erasure, registry cleanup eliminating entries that no longer serve, cleaning of browsing histories and cache of Browsers to preserve privacy with respect to sites visited, and much more.

With regard to security, it has tools to protect access to certain folders, encrypt files to prevent them from being opened by third parties, and other tools similar to other software such as Ccleaner or TuneUp.

System Utilities analyzes various components of the hardware and software that is installed on the PC, to perform a complete report and present actions that can be taken to proceed with a cleaning and optimization of Windows.

It has more tools besides those mentioned, achieving a powerful and complete program, highly recommended, more taking into account that it is free.

Comodo System Utilities 4 is the latest version (December 2012) of this software that can be downloaded for free. It is available for Windows XP, Vista, 2003 and 7.

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