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Download Comodo Internet Security

Download Comodo Internet Security
Comodo Internet Security is a program that includes an antivirus and a firewall that can interact, or you can choose to install only the firewall in case you already have a trusted antivirus; In addition, in this version is added a spyware detector that allows scanning the system for files or cookies that have the purpose of spying on the user's activity on the internet.

Comodo Firewall is a recommended application that blocks access to the Internet (incoming and outgoing) attempted by unauthorized applications to do so, preventing Trojans or any other malware or spyware from sending any kind of information.

Every time a program tries to connect to the Internet, the firewall asks if it should be given access, and if it is a program that can be trusted, it can be authorized and Comodo will remember that choice. It can be configured to block access and modification in certain folders.

The virus definition is updated automatically online, so you can be sure to be protected against the latest spyware or viruses.

During the installation it is possible to choose to use the DNS Servers of Comodo, in order to filter out websites that can be dangerous.

Another tool included in this security software adds technology called Sandbox, which consists of isolating the execution of some programs, so that they are not exposed to the action of possible viruses or computer attacks.

Comodo Firewall is a good complement for the antivirus that is used, or in case of not having one, a good alternative may be to install Avast Antivirus , with the unique option of Firewall in this package of Comodo.

Comodo Internet Security 6.3 is the latest version 2013, of this antivirus + firewall that can be downloaded for free.

To have Comodo in Spanish, after installing it you have to go to "More"> "Settings" and in the tab "Language" select "Spanish - By Community".

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