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Download Combat Arms

Download Combat Arms
Combat Arms is a game of action (shooter) multiplayer first - person, you can play online. It is possible to choose between several characters, and the goal is to fulfill the proposed missions, and obtain money to be used in the purchase or rental of weapons, and equipment such as armor, helmets, glasses and other war implements.

Beginners begin with a minimum range, and as you accumulate deaths you gain experience to increase rank and move to the next levels.

There are variants in the game, with several modes (Elimination, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Search and Destruction, Quarantine) and you can use more than one map to play in different scenarios, making the development more dynamic and less monotonous . Depending on the selected mode you can play as a team or individually.

Both the gameplay and the quality of the graphics is very good, although it is a free game, which explains the great acceptance that has had and the large number of users who have joined the community of Combat Arms.

In terms of communication, chat rooms are available to be in contact with other players who share the same group.

Combat Arms has points in common with other online FPS games like Counter Strike, but you can play for free. It is available for Windows, and the file size is 1.6 GB.

You have to register on the official website.

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