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Download CleanMem

Download CleanMem
CleanMem is a program that frees RAM memory used by processes that no longer need it, in order to manage and optimize that memory, for better PC performance.

From time to time (default 30 minutes) examines whether the application can free up memory of each of the processes running, and if it does receive approval. If a process returns memory using the CleanMem request, it can be reused at any time without restrictions whenever you need it.

Noting the tab Performance in the Task Manager you can see how the memory usage is reduced some heavy programs such as Firefox or some antivirus, when you are giving priority to some other application. If you have enough resources you may not need to use this memory optimizer, but if you have a slow PC with low RAM capacity, it can be very useful.

CleanMem allows to define rules, through a very simple configuration panel in which, for example, it can be determined that before a certain program that exceeds a certain amount of RAM, proceed to the automatic process cleaning (Clean Process) or to The interruption of the same (Kill Process).

CleanMem has no graphical interface, but works as a scheduled task managed by the Windows Task Scheduler . To run CleanMem it is necessary to open the Task Scheduler (Going to the Control Panel in Windows XP, or Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools in Windows Vista and Windows 7). From there it is possible to decrease the frequency of action of the program to achieve greater optimization.

CleanMem 2.5.0 is the latest version, updated in August 2014, of this software that works on all versions of Windows (32 bit and 64 bit) and you can download free.

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