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Download CCEnhancer

Download CCEnhancer
CCEnhancer (CCleaner Enhancer) is a program that works as an extension for the program CCleaner, giving you the ability to add support for more applications to which you can clean and optimize, giving greater potential for this outstanding cleaning software.

This application adds new rules and definitions to CCleaner so that, in addition to Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and many more already supported, add a total of about 270 new programs. It should be noted that these new entries were not created by Piriform (the company that develops Ccleanar), therefore they are not responsible for any problem that may cause.

To use CCEnhancer you have to click the "Download latest" button to download the new applications that can be added. Once you have downloaded the new definitions you can close the program, and when you run CCleaner they will be available. In the list of applications will be able to differentiate the new as they have an asterisk in front of the name.

The operation of Ccleaner happens to be the usual, with the difference that they will have more options, the user should mark or uncheck the applications listed according to their needs.

CCEnhancer 4.2 is the latest version, updated in November 2014, of this plug-in for Ccleaner that can be downloaded for free. Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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