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Download Calendar Magic

Download Calendar Magic
Calendar Magic is a program that groups several types of calendars, in addition to the traditional Gregorian, among them: the Chinese calendar, Egyptian, Hebrew, and up to 26 solar calendars in total. It has the possibility to show more than one at the same time and to see their correspondence between them, and with the Gregorian one.

It also allows conversions with other more exotic calendars, such as the Aztec calendar or the Maya; And to know, given a date of birth, the corresponding astrological signs, for example, to which Chinese horoscope sign belongs (applicable to others).

Calendar Magic can be useful for meeting festive or private dates in various countries, in any year and calendar. Also to calculate the number of days that are missing for a certain event, with the possibility of scheduling reminders like birthdays, holidays, holidays or any other event; So that the time comes to warn you through a sound alarm.

The application includes several more utilities, like a world clock to know the current time in several cities of the world. It also features a countdown clock, a calendar with moon phases, a unit converter, a tool to calculate the biorhythm of a given person date of birth; In addition it allows to know in advance the dates in which solar or lunar eclipses will be produced, and many more functions.

Calendar Magic 18.3 is the latest version, updated in July 2013, which is available for download in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).

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