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Download Babylon 10

Download Babylon 10
Babylon is a program for translating texts between more than 75 languages. The database has several dictionaries in multiple languages ​​such as Oxford, British, and Larousse, which can be updated. It also performs other conversions between currencies, measures, units of time. Just click on the text you want to translate to access the Babylon and get the immediate conversion. The translator is integrated to most desktop applications, such as Word, Excel, Outlook and others.

Babylon has a spell checker that integrates with the web browser, with the possibility of having it when typed in various services and websites such as mail clients (Hotmail, Gmail), blogs, and so on.

This powerful tool allows the translation of complete web pages and the translation of documents in doc (Word) formats, PDF documents and several other formats, directly, without having to copy and paste the text.

It allows all the combinations of translation between languages, surely the one that we need most is the one of English to Spanish and Spanish to English, but the user can accede to other variants, like for example of Chinese to German, French to Italian and other pairs of languages.

Babylon has suggestions and autocompletados when writing a text and shows, given a verb, the possible conjugations, so that the user can choose the most convenient.

In the new version 10 adds new functions, new sources, highlighting the incorporation of human voice to translations, so that you can know the correct pronunciation that should be given to a phrase or word.

Babylon 10 is the latest version available, updated in January 2013, in the case of an evaluation version, so after 14 days of testing, some functionalities will be lost, and to have the complete program again, the license will have to be purchased .

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