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Download AVIAddXSubs

Download AVIAddXSubs

AVIAddXSubs is a program that allows you to add subtitles to a movie, in SRT format (subtitles) and in AVI (movie) format. Both files must be in the same folder and called the same so that it works and the new file can be created in DIVX or AVI format.

In the main window the movie must be selected, and in the next tab (Configuration 1) there are some options (the program is in English), which we explain and recommend what to select in each case:

  • Break Long Lines: should be marked.
  • Character Set: ANSI
  • Language code: English (en)
  • Font: It is the typeface, it goes to taste of each one.
  • Outline Size: Thickness of the letters, preferably 2, but can be varied according to the taste of each.
  • Font Size: Letter size, preferably 22, and can be marked as bold (bold) if desired.
  • Color Text: The color of the text.
  • Color Outline: Border color.
  • Align: Alignment, preferably centered.
  • Opaque Box: Mark if you want to have a black background.
  • Preview: If checked, you can have a preview to see the result before generating the DIVX.
  • Subtitle Bitmap: It can be NTSC or PAL and it is advisable to check "Full screen".
  • Subtitle Position: Test with 360 value for Center AT and 415 for Vertical Position.

Underneath all appear 3 options, and you must mark "Add Subtitles".

Then in the second tab (Configuration 2) there are more options such as the possibility of generating the movie in AVI format instead of DIVX.

AVIAddXSubs also supports the idx / sub format, which can be applied not only to movies in AVI format, but also in other formats, such as MKV and MP4.

AVIAddXSubs 9.14 is the latest version (updated March 2013) of this software for Windows (all versions), Which can be downloaded free.

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