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Download AutoPlay Menu Builder 7.1 for free

Download AutoPlay Menu Builder 7.1 for free
AutoPlay Menu Builder is a program that allows you to easily create interactive menus for CDs or DVD s, which are automatically executed when your playback starts.

No programming is required to set the menu, but there is an assistant through which you can associate the actions that will have the different menu items, for example: run an application, open a document, play A movie, and many more options.

Templates are available for the menus and you can save your own templates. It has a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to preview the menu at the time of editing. It supports multiple nested menus and the ability to add background music and images, as well as special effects. In this latest version it is possible to add Flash content and embed Windows Media Player to play videos within the menu.

The application is able to generate an executable to start the presentation, and also allows to associate a customizable icon by the user.

AutoPlay Menu Builder 7.1 is the latest version (updated June 2013). This program is no longer freeware, but you can download a trial that has available all the features of the paid version, with the only difference that displays the logo and shows a window with a link to register and purchase the license.

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