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Download Aptana free

Download Aptana free
Aptana is a program known as IDE (Integrated Development Environment) aimed at web developers working with PHP, Ajax, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Javascript, CSS and other programming languages ​​and script generators.

It allows the management of projects, and it has several very useful tools that help to program comfortably, like autocomplete of functions and variables, preview of HTML and CSS, help of functions, macros, etc.

A very useful function for programmers offered by this application is to highlight syntax errors. It has a debugger to execute the scripts and to see more clearly at what time an error occurs.

Aptana already has built-in libraries for Javascript, such as Prototype, JQuery, and Scriptaculous, among others; Allowing them to be easily integrated into the code.

In the case of Javascript and CSS, Aptana takes into account the compatibility of the script that is being developed, so that it works correctly in most web browsers.

It has an FTP tool to synchronize the project with the web server.

Aptana is based on Eclipse and can be integrated with that popular IDE to develop Java.

Aptana Studio 3 (3.6.1) is the latest version, updated in November 2014, of this complete programming editor that is multiplatform (MacOS X, Linux and Windows), and you can download free. You can download the individual version or a plugin to integrate Eclipse.

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