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Download Antivirus Kaspersky 2015

Download Antivirus Kaspersky 2015
Kaspersky 2015, the latest version 2014 offers all the possibilities of protection that an antivirus must have: virus analysis, monitoring, "blocking behavior" (this is when some program performs some suspicious activity or tries to modify registry entries that should not, It blocks it), and also checks the integrity of the system. It has an advanced heuristic that provides protection against potential threats, even in cases where they are not in the database of viruses or malware known so far.

It has protection against trojans, spyware, macros in Microsoft Office documents, undoes changes made by malicious programs, checks viruses in incoming email, scans websites for dangerous code, and more.

The Kaspersky antivirus inherits all the properties of the previous version, but is more efficient and faster, as it incorporates new technologies also will have improved interface, making it easier to use and convenient for handling by the user.

For Windows 8, 7 and Vista, a gadget is available on the desktop for easy access to the application and all its functions.

Kaspersky protects the user when surfing the internet and during access to social networks. The links to the websites are marked with different colors according to the danger they may represent, based on the experience and analysis performed. It also includes an anti-phishing module that alerts visitors to sites that try to impersonate others to steal passwords or bank account data, and adds automatic protection against exploits.

This new version of Kaspersky 15 ( was released in July 2014. This antivirus is payable, but you can download it to test it and evaluate it for 30 days. If you are not looking for a payment tool, we offer the user excellent free alternatives, such as Avast or AVG, which can be downloaded from our site.

This antivirus is very powerful but in turn consumes more resources than the average in this type of software. With a processor at 1 GHz or higher, and with 1 GB of RAM (32-Bit) or 2 GB of RAM (64-Bit) should work properly, but equally it is advisable to have an even more powerful PC so that it does not come back Very slow the system.

Download the trial version of Kaspersky from here or buy the definitive version here.

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