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DJ Application SPDJ Studio 54

DJ Application SPDJ Studio 54
SPDJ Studio 54 is a program for DJs or for fans who want to spend and mix music. It has an ergonomic interface that simulates the mixer and facilitates the different functions it offers to add effects to the subjects, such as scratch (which simulates the movement of a vinyl record back and forth on a turntable).

The operation of the software is as follows: any MP3 file (or some other supported audio format) is dragged from the browser to the decks, and analyzed to allocate the corresponding BPM. Then the application builds on those BMPs to synchronize both decks.

A resource that is commonly used when passing music is known as crossfade, which consists of the transition between one song and the next, so that the first is disappearing as the next one begins.

This player and mixer has more advanced effects, for example, it integrates an automix that allows to apply functions of automix, random and Mix Now. It allows to record the sessions, either to reproduce, to share or to listen as the result remains, to correct and to add new effects.

SPDJ offers three effects per charge: Flanger (achieves oscillating sound between mid and high frequencies); Wha (it is a filter that achieves high sounds, with a cutoff frequency that goes from a low value to a high one, simulating the human voice); And Echo (echo effect).

The application has three memory banks per load for loops and for setting the CUE. It is possible to add three samples per load, achieving a mix from different sources, for example, the battery of a song added to the guitar riffs of another.

Another important feature of this program is the integration of the music collection stored on the computer, generating a 2-level tracklist. The search is quick, allowing you to easily find any of the available music tracks.

Whether it's music to the professional level, to liven up a party, or just as entertainment, this application can be a good alternative to Virtual DJ, the software par excellence within this category of applications, but is not free.

SPDJ O1 Studio 54 is in its first version, available free to download the install on a PC or a laptop with Windows.

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