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Desktop Weather Forecast with YoWindow

Desktop Weather Forecast with YoWindow
YoWindow is a program that displays on the desktop the weather forecast for the current day and for the next days, detailing the temperature, cloudiness, wind, humidity, pressure, probability of rains or storms, thermal sensation, visibility, and other data Interest that can be very useful when planning an outdoor activity, or to know the forecasts that must be taken according to the weather conditions that will occur during the day or during the upcoming weekend.

The application shows the weather information through animated graphics that are very well achieved, resulting visually very attractive, reflecting the weather conditions in the landscape that is shown as wallpaper. For example, in case of rain or snow, a simulation of these weather phenomena will be able to be seen on the screen, and as the sun goes down the background of the screen will become darker.

In addition to the current temperature in the city in which the user is (or the nearest station in case there is no data for that city), and other data already mentioned, the application allows to view the current time and date, and Some other data, such as sunrise time, sunset time, daytime, and lunar phase. There is a bar that shows how the temperature will change over the next few hours.

The data to be displayed can be customized by entering in the menu (programs - options), having to mark those parameters that are wanted to visualize or to unmark those that are created unnecessary. From the panel you can also activate the screen saver offered by YoWindow.

The application allows you to add other cities and change the weather data for those other locations at any time. This information is usually found in sites specializing in weather forecasts, but in this case with the convenience of having it on the desktop, without having to use the browser. It has the possibility of downloading additional landscapes to use as a background, having a large gallery of landscapes that contains the main cities of the world.

YoWindow 4 is the latest version, available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. The free edition we offer to download is limited to a forecast of the next 3 days, while there is a payment version that extends it to 8 days, in addition to having more animated landscapes.

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