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Create maps for GPS with Mobile Atlas Creator

Create maps for GPS with Mobile Atlas Creator
Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC) is a program that allows you to create maps for different GPS navigation applications, for the purpose of navigating in offline mode, without the need to download maps, which requires data consumption when The phone is used and a longer time to charge them.

This mapping software supports several applications for mobile devices, such as Maverick, TrekBuddy or AndNav for the Android platform, from Galileo Offline Maps for iPhone iOS, and also for Garmin, among others.

When starting the application, choose a name for the project and select the format of the set of maps or atlas, including the following: KMZ, OSZ, AndNav, Maverick, Galileo, and so on. Then you should position yourself on the geographical area you want to save, either by indicating the coordinates or by scrolling through the map until you reach the city or region of interest. An important fact to consider is who will be the provider of the maps, and to do this you must select one of those available in the list of "Map Source" (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Sigpac Mercator, Bing Maps and others).

Once the maps are loaded and the region is selected, the zoom levels (from 1 to 16) that you want to map maps must be indicated, depending on the depth and detail you want to get while navigating. Subsequently, a region (rectangular or polygonal) must be delimited within the view, to dimension the map to the needs of the user. Finally, you must save the created atlas and transfer it to your mobile phone or GPS device.

To learn more about creating maps with MOBAC, you can consult the help within the official site of the project, or you can consult the help provided by the GPS application used for offline navigation. In particular, for the case of creating KMZ maps for Garmin you can see the following YouTube video or one of the suggested videos after its reproduction.

Mobile Atlas Creator 1.9.14 is the latest stable version, which is available for installation on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. It was updated in July 2013.

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