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Create educational applications with JClic

Create educational applications with JClic
JClic is a program used to create interactive online educational applications, ideal for teachers who want to use a tool capable of creating multimedia exercises, with the objective of applying them in class, so that their students try to solve them from their computers.

The main objective of JClic has been to create an environment of development of exercises that can be handled simply by the teachers, with a graphic aspect that is visually appealing to its students, but without leaving aside the educational and playful objective that must maintain a Acceptable quality.

JClic is divided into four modules: "Applet", "Author", "Player" and "Reports". The main tool is the "Author", capable of generating the activities and exercises that are then published, either as applets embedded in web pages (to be accessed online through the browser) or as an application that is going To be able to run locally (without having to be connected to the network) using the Jclic player. Finally, a module is in charge of managing the results of the tests and generating reports for each of the students.

Although the activities are generated through a guide that facilitates their creation, this does not imply that they can be customized (adding or modifying HTML code), and also add all kinds of complementary multimedia material, with a wide file support, among Them: AVI, MP3, Flash, QuickTime, and so on. The teacher has an extremely intuitive configuration panel, in Spanish.

The educator or administrator of the system has the possibility to configure several parameters related to the exercises that will be presented, either in the time established for each task, the number of errors allowed before the success, and other more specific aspects that have to do With each activity (associations, exercises of text, exercises of memory, crosswords, puzzles, soup of letters, et cetera).

This project supports several platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris, which allows it to be used in almost any classroom, without depending on the operating system installed on the network. In turn, it uses standard formats for storing data (such as XML), making it easier to import to other applications or databases.

In the official site of the project can be found manuals and turoriales that will be of help, either to deepen knowledge, or to know characteristics that help when evaluating by a teacher if it is possible to implement this educational software in Your school or school.

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