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Create concept maps with Freemind

Create concept maps with Freemind
Freemind is a program that allows you to create and edit concept maps so that they can be inserted into web pages (HTML / XHTML), with the possibility to save the diagrams in flash, PDF, PNG or SVG format, and export the works to be Can open with other applications (this is possible because projects are saved in XML format).

There are other similar applications that we have already presented, such as EDraw Mind Map or CmapTools, among others, whose objective is to organize a set of ideas and from them to elaborate a structure represented graphically through diagrams that represent and relate the concepts raised. Freemind has the advantage of being Open Source, cross-platform, easy to install and use, flexible, powerful, and is also in Spanish.

This application is an excellent tool to create schemes that can be useful in work projects, or to be used by teachers as a guide for their classes, or by students to summarize the main concepts dictated during a course and serve as support for a better Understanding and learning.

Concept maps are composed of nodes, starting from a root node, following with a tree structure (hierarchical) made up of child nodes. Each node can have a description, can include links and may contain images. Various formatting options and predefined styles are available to apply to individual or general nodes, or the user can edit and customize the schemas at their discretion (fonts, colors, etc.).

Once a map is finished, it will be able to navigate through its nodes, which can be expanded or collapsed for easy reading. As mentioned above mentioned will be able to publish the diagrams on a website (for example, a Wiki) or will be able to insert into an OpenOffice document or into a PDF.

FreeMind 1.0.0 is the latest version of this software that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X for free download.

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