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CopyTrans program similar to iTunes

CopyTrans program similar to iTunes
CopyTrans Manager is a program similar to iTunes that allows you to manage an iPhone, iPad or iPod from any laptop or PC with Windows, either to transfer music, copy videos or any other file that you want to pass to any of these Apple devices.

Users who have tried with iTunes but have not been able to synchronize content with the PC, or have not been able to create playlists or make backups with the official application, have this alternative that is easier to use and has a clearer interface, Besides being lighter.

CopyTrans can be used without problems since it does not require iTunes, nor needs modifications (for example, jailbreak) nor of configurations that can affect the correct operation of the device, being able the user to use both applications independently without one affecting the other.

CopyTrans Manager is portable, so it can be run from a USB stick without installing the program, thus facilitating the playback of songs from the iPod on a PC or notebook, as it does not require the often tedious synchronization of files. It can be used on several devices at the same time and allows access to each of them as if it were an external hard disk where you can see all the files. From the Windows Explorer you can drag and drop songs to the interface of the application to proceed to add them to the iPod, iPhone or iPad. You can also delete any stored files.

This manager is also responsible for completing the song information, as well as downloading the covers and lyrics. To get a better understanding of how this tool works, help is available on the official website.

The CopyTrans Suite installer is downloaded, an application package that includes CopyTrans Manager, so you must select the Manager option (free) 0.987 to proceed with its execution.

It is available in Spanish for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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