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Compress photos with FILEminimizer Pictures

 Compress photos with FILEminimizer Pictures
FILEminimizer Pictures is a program that allows you to compress your photos as much as possible, maintaining the quality of the image but with the advantage that you can get much lighter files. The dimensions of the image are also reduced, but the user can set the optimal measurements, whether to publish, save or mail.

This application is able to reduce the size of a photograph by up to 90% thanks to its compression algorithms, therefore, a file of 1 MB can be transformed into another one of only 100 KB, occupying much less space, which Can be very beneficial in sending a significant amount of images by mail (without creating a zip), or at the time of publishing the photos on a website, because the page will load faster as it is going to Consume less bandwidth each time a visitor accesses that page.

FILEminimizer supports the most used image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and EMF. It has a function that scans the entire hard drive for files of this type and is even capable of batch processing whole folders or albums. It also has a complete photo finder inside the computer. It supports Drag & Drop to easily move from the Windows file explorer to its interface.

One function that may interest users is the integration of this software with Facebook, so that an image can be processed, optimized, compressed and published directly on Facebook from its panel. They can also be sent directly as an attachment in an email.

The operation is very simple and the interface is clear and it is in Spanish. Simply select JPG (or other formats) to convert, select the level of compression according to whether to send by mail, save, publish or print, and then start processing (by clicking the "Optimize Files" button)).

After processing one or more photographic files, the application saves the originals in another folder; It is important not to overwrite them since the user will be able to see the results and compare, either their quality (to verify that the photos are not pixelated) or their size (to see if it is according to the destination that you want to give ). In case of staying in accordance with the criteria of the user delete or not the originals, something that can be recommended when you do not have much space on the hard disk.

FILEminimizer Pictures 3.0 is the latest Windows version of its free edition in Spanish. There is a Pro edition that adds functions, such as compatibility with Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and with PDF documents.

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