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Code :: Blocks to program in C ++

Code :: Blocks to program in C ++
Code :: Blocks is an IDE (integrated development environment) for programming in C ++, free code, multiplatform, which presents a very nice interface, but also stands out for being something faster than another very popular environment such as Dev- C ++.

This IDE is compatible with a wide variety of compilers, which it detects automatically if installed on the system. These compilers include Borland C ++, Microsoft Visual C ++ Free Toolkit, GCC, and Digital Mars Compiler.

The environment is fully customizable through the integration of various add-ons that add various functionalities ; For example, wxSmith is an add-in that provides the IDE with libraries that allow the development of graphical user interfaces (GUI) in applications. There is another plug-in called Astyle that is responsible for indenting and making the visualization of the C ++ code more verbose. It has support for SVN through the TortoiseSVN plugin.

As we mentioned, CodeBlock is faster than Dev-C ++ because it is written in C language, therefore it can be compiled in less time a program; And build is also made faster because you do not create makefiles, but you use your own .cbp files to do that process automatically.

This environment includes a powerful editor that presents the usual features present in the most well-known IDEs (Eclipse, NetBeans, Aptana, etc.), for example: system of tabs to be able to open several projects, use of colors so that a better understanding of the Code syntax, autocomplete function while typing command and function names, advanced text search, and so many other features that make it easy for C, C ++ and Fortran programmers.

An extensive and detailed Code :: Blocks manual is available, which explains how to create a project, how to compile, how to use the debugger, what add-ons can be integrated into the environment, and the rest of its functions.

Code :: Blocks 13.12 is the latest version, available for free download and install on Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS X and Linux (Suse, Debian, Fedora, CentOS).

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