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Clownfish translator for Skype

Clownfish translator for Skype
Clownfish is a program whose main function is to translate messages sent or received through the Skype communication application. It uses the online translation service provided by Google, Babylon, Bing, SysTran and others, and the user must select the one that is of their preference.

Clownfish integrates the OpenOffice spell checker, available in Spanish, English and other languages, which can be very useful when doubting how to write certain words, mainly when using Skype in a formal setting.

This application includes a tool called "Text to Speech" that allows you to convert text to voice, applicable to messages received in a chat conversation. While Skype is used most frequently for conferencing and calls, it can also be used to chat via text messages, and this tool is responsible for reading messages.

Skype does not allow adding emoticons to text messages, however through Clownfish it is possible to include both emoticons and ASCII drawings within the body of messages. It has templates with greetings and predetermined congratulations for various events and parties.

Skype conversations can be recorded and saved to be heard at another time. We have already presented, a while ago, an application called iFree Skype Recorder that precisely handles recording Skype calls , but Clownfish adds the possibility of applying effects to the voice, for example, to add echo, to get a pitch effect that Allows to modulate the voice, or to modify the voice by that of a robot. You can add background music during a conversation.

Regarding the privacy of chat conversations, especially when using the program in a network that can be monitored, this program offers the option to encrypt the text messages sent, so that they can not be read by other people.

After running the program, you will be able to see an icon (with the Clownfish logo) in the taskbar located at the bottom right of the screen; And right clicking on that icon will appear a menu with all the options, some of which we have previously described. From this menu you will be able to choose the language to which the messages are translated.

Clownfish for Skype 3.55 is the latest version (updated June 2014), available free to download for both Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Linux and Mac.

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