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Celtx helps write scripts for audiovisuals

Celtx helps write scripts for audiovisuals
Celtx is a program that helps in the production of an audiovisual project, be it a film, a documentary or a play; Fundamentally in what has to do with the script of the work, since it offers tools that facilitate the writing and organization of the text and the documentation that must be given to the actors and other protagonists.

Celtx is much more useful than a simple word processor, because it is thought to write TV scripts, cinema or theater, but also novels or comics; Offers the possibility of dividing the text into scenes, defining the characters, managing a production calendar, adding comments, images and videos; And to apply several more functions, aimed at a better organization of the script and other details of the work that are of interest to document.

When creating a scene, Celtx facilitates the writing of the dialogues of each of the characters involved, so that they conform to the standards used in this type of documents; The processor automatically applies indenters and other formatting options to each entered text, as well as auto-completion and spelling corrections.

The project is easy to navigate, having a catalog in which you can see a list with all the characters of the work along with their respective descriptions, notes and images. You can also navigate through the different chapters or scenes that make up the script, and in turn you can access information related to the transitions between one scene and another.

The application is available in Spanish, which collaborates, along with a complete documentation, so that the user can explore the interface and learn to use the functions and tools at his disposal, with the aim of creating a project and go Adding the scenes and the protagonists of correct form.

The file being generated must be saved in the Celtx format, but can be exported to text formats such as PDF.

Celtx 2.9.7 is the latest version, available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The software is free.

It is recommended to register and get a free account, which gives some benefits, such as the possibility of synchronizing projects between the desktop version and the version that can be installed on a mobile device (iOS, Android), or the possibility of backing up Work in the cloud.

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