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Advanced Uninstaller to uninstall programs

Advanced Uninstaller to uninstall programs
Advanced Uninstaller PRO is an application that uninstalls system programs without leaving files on disk or registry entries, which helps to achieve better cleaning and optimize Windows.

Like other cleaning applications we have presented, such as Ccleaner or Glary Utilities, this tool is responsible for uninstalling programs efficiently, but also is responsible for cleaning up any trace of Internet browsing made by the user , And also removes the history of several other applications, for example, so that there are no traces of the last opened documents or the last opened videos.

There are many free softwares that during their installation add toolbars, modify the browser used by the browser or sequester the home page in Internet Explorer or other browsers. This is because these programs seek to finance and thus offer their product at no cost to the user, but in return leave unwanted elements that can slow down the browser; Therefore a good practice is to regularly apply a cleanup by Advanced Uninstaller or some antivirus like Avast that also have a function of "Clean the browser."

The interface is very well achieved, is intuitive and allows easy use of its functions. These functions categorize into:
  • "Uninstall Programs" - the uninstaller, its main function.
  • "Monitored Installations" - this tool works to monitor the new installations that are made, therefore it will facilitate your future uninstallation.
  • "Startup Manager" - allows to manage the list of applications and processes that are executed when starting Windows, which reduces the time it takes to load the operating system and also frees up wasted RAM.
  • "Services Manager" - similar to the previous function, but applied to the services that Windows starts every time it boots.
  • "Quick Cleaner" - quick analysis that allows cleaning elements that require greater urgency. It takes longer than a scan for deeper cleaning.
  • "Start Menu Cleaner" - allows you to manage and delete entries that appear in the Windows start menu.
  • "Control Panel Manager" - allows to manage the categories and elements that appear in the Control Panel, with the possibility of hiding items that do not interest them to appear.
  • "Duplicate File" - detects and removes duplicate files, which helps free up space and better organize the file system.
  • "Live File Compression" - helps the user in the use of the file compression tool that comes with Windows. Helps free up disk space.
  • "File Shredder" - can be applied when the owner of the PC wants to delete one or more files permanently, without any possibility of a later recovery.
  • "Windows Temporary Files" - erases temporary files.
  • "Web Tools" - to access forums and articles that appear on the Internet related to this type of maintenance functions.
  • "Registry Cleaner" and "Registry Optimizer" - cleaning and optimizing the Windows registry. It can also be backed up.
  • "Internet Explorer Browsing History" - deletes browsing history. It also applies to Firefox, Chrome and other browsers, both to clear history and to delete temporary, cookies and add-ons or extensions.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11.57 is the latest version, available for Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It can be downloaded, installed and used for free.

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