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Add tabs to Windows Explorer with Clover

Add tabs to Windows Explorer with Clover
Clover is a program that allows you to add tabs to the Windows file explorer, with the style of the graphical interface that presents Google Chrome, but also similar to other browsers that allow dividing a same window into several views, with the aim of achieving a Easier navigation and easier access to content.

Most Windows users are likely to have to open multiple Windows Explorer windows simultaneously, either by copying or moving files between folders, or by accessing different applications, videos, or other file types Distributed in different folders of the hard disk or of some external device connected to the PC. In these cases it may be uncomfortable to accumulate several open instances, especially when the taskbar is configured to group those windows corresponding to the same application.

One solution to improving visibility and access can be to change the taskbar settings so that all windows are not clustered, but this can also create confusion and clutter. Another more effective solution may be to use a plug-in such as Clover, which will allow you to easily access the File Explorer's only open window, and once there you will be able to navigate comfortably between tabs.

To open a new view you can add a new tab by clicking or through the combination STRG+T keys. You can close a tab by clicking on the corresponding cross or through the combination Ctrl+W, and to move through the different instances you use the shortcut Ctrl+Tab.

There are also alternatives to the file explorer, with programs such as CubicExplorer that also incorporates a system of tabs, and you can even choose to install a dock to speed up access to the most used folders and applications. The advantage of Clover is that it works as an add-on integrated with the system file manager and not as standalone software.

Clover adds a very interesting function to manage the favorite accesses, which allows to generate a list with the folders that are visited more frequently. This bookmarks manager is similar to Chrome and lets you make a bookmark bar visible at the top. You can use the shortcut Ctrl+D to add a route to the list of bookmarks.

Clover 3.0.406 is the latest version of this add-on that is compatible with the Ribbon interface of Windows 8, but also works with XP and Windows 7. It is translated into Spanish and can be downloaded for free.

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