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WinToFlash to install Windows 10

 WinToFlash to install Windows 10

WinToFlash is a program that allows you to create a Windows installer on a USB stick or USB drive to mount a bootable drive that allows you to install the operating system in case you can not use the corresponding CD or DVD. It allows to install Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 10, and for servers 2008 and 2012.

This application can be useful when you do not have a CD or DVD reader, as is the case of netbooks; Or when only a CD reader is installed and the installer is stored on a DVD; Or when Windows should be installed on multiple PCs, and it is preferred not to use the original disks in order not to deteriorate them.

You must have a USB stick or USB memory with enough size and vacuum (since the application formats the drive before copying the files). Then the installation process simply requires following the steps, without the need for settings or complications for ordinary users.

Once the installation of WinToFlash in the pendrive is completed, it can already be used in other PCs. In some cases, you may have to modify the BIOS (usually by pressing the "DEL" or "DEL" key) for the system to boot from a USB drive.

WinToFlash 1.5.0000 is the latest version of this utility that can be downloaded for free. It was last updated in March 2017. This is the first Final version after several beta editions, which implies that the software has been tested by many users who have reported errors, and in turn the developers have been improving the product.

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