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VSDC powerful video editor

VSDC is a video editor that includes functions similar to those offered by some professional programs, but for free, being more powerful than the most popular applications, such as Windows Movie Maker, with the possibility of achieving more ambitious projects.

VSDC powerful video editor
This editor can be used in a similar way to some other software that uses a timeline in which fragments of films are added, obtaining a linear sequence with the total of the incorporated videos; But also presents a non-linear mode that allows to create sequences of videos not necessarily aligned, offering greater versatility in case of requiring the repetition of fragments.

The user has several effects that are categorized in the menu to be able to locate them more easily. They include special effects , effects to correct colors, brightness, light, etc.; Effects to apply filters to the films and also to apply in the transitions between sections. It is possible to add text and images in any frame of the film, in addition to integrating background music.

When you add a photo to the project it is possible to select between several effects, either to appear slowly on the screen, to rotate, to blur, to change its shape, etc.

For professional works that require a greater dedication and learning of the tool, one can resort to editing frame by frame, even expanding sectors of the screen to work on each pixel.

VSDC lets you create video tutorials based on diagrams and graphics with three-dimensional effects. It has templates and multiple resources to help create presentations similar to those of PowerPoint, but more customizable and with the ability to merge videos.

The most basic mode of VSDC allows to convert the videos format, to put them together in a single file that can be seen continuously. It can also be used simply to retouch and enhance a photograph or to make a simple screen capture, or even to capture and record from a webcam, an IP camera, a Skype videoconference or from Facebook.

If you intend to publish the result on YouTube, at the beginning of the project it is advisable to select the HD resolution 1280 x 720 pixels (16: 9) to optimize its image quality.

The complexity of the project will depend on the user's experience and the time that can be spent in reading tutorials and practicing. By the way, the official site is available help (in English) or you can search on Youtube .

VSDC Free Video Editor 3.3.5 is the latest version of this multimedia editing software that you can download free to use in Windows 8 and previous editions.

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