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Voice Translator for Skype in real time

Voice Translator for Skype in real time
Skype Translator is an online voice translator for Skype that allows you to communicate with people who speak another language. It has support for English, Italian and Mandarin, as well as Spanish, but the goal is to add new languages ​​in the short term.

The translation of a conversation takes place in real time during a videoconference, something that can be very useful in case of having to communicate, either for personal reasons or for commercial reasons, with Skype users who do not speak Spanish.

Transcripts are made for each of the languages ​​of participants in a videoconference, for example, a person who communicates with a client who speaks in English will receive the audio in Spanish (by voice synthesizer), but in turn Your speaker will receive the audio in English. You can choose to receive only textual transcription and to obviate audio.

The novelty of this software is that it applies an advanced technology of voice recognition, and then has to perform the translation using another technology also very complex, which has been perfected to be as faithful as possible in terms of its results. Subsequently, the text must be converted back into voice. These three steps have to be done live, in less than 1 second.

Skype Translator includes another tool to translate text during message exchange (text chat), with support for more than 50 languages ​​(many more than are enabled in the case of voice chat). Messages are received in our language instantly, regardless of whether our interlocutor writes in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese or English.

Skype Translator Preview is available for Windows 8.1 and for Windows 10 Preview. This version can be tested for free.

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