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This solar plant is portable and can be assembled anywhere in just an hour

This solar plant is portable and can be assembled anywhere in just an hour

The installation of plants and solar farms is not something new, in fact we are seeing an explosion in the development of this type of projects, which are focusing on having a greater adoption of renewable energies. But since it's not all about size, capacity for generation and storage, the United States Air Force has now created a microplant that can be carried to almost any part of the world.

As we all know, adopting solar energy offers many benefits, but most projects are built in fixed areas. For example, we have the case of Tesla and its Powerpack projects that are offering generation, storage and distribution plants in islands, which are easier to deploy compared to power plants or diesel generators. But now we are facing a new form of solar plant: the laptop.

Created for military and rescue tasks
The Office of Advanced Power Technology Research Laboratory Air Force (APTO) is revealing something that so far is known as "base of operations for future demonstrations", which roughly is a solar microplant with photovoltaic cells Deployables and its own battery system for energy storage.

This portable microplan could be used in different scenarios when no other available energy system is available, which makes it ideal for military or rescue tasks in remote areas. So far its size and generation or storage capacity have not been disclosed, since the components of the system have been tested separately, with the idea of ​​adapting its size and possibilities to the circumstances.

Everything is contained in a kind of tents, which have solar panels at the top ready to be deployed, while inside are all hardware, software and lithium-ion batteries, thus having a ready-made energy network Its operation or, as a backup in case the main network fails.

According to their creators, they are working on a design that is capable of being transported easily and deployed in maximum one hour , being able to supply energy to a whole shelter for up to 30 minutes. At the same time, bulletproof solar panels are being developed as well as light and portable wind power systems, which will be presented later this year.

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