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Tesla solar roofs: producing energy with a roof design

Tesla solar roofs: producing energy with a roof design

It seems clear that Tesla wants us to become energy generators. Since launching your home battery system-or company-we have seen different moves that have to do with making better use of cleaner energy. The purchase of SolarCity is clearly the most important.

To fill those batteries has all the logic of the world to use the energy of the sun, but as they always try to go a step ahead, they want systems to be integrated as best as possible at home. From there came the concept of roofs or solar shingles of the house.

Tesla has updated the website related to this activity, while the medium Electrek has got interesting information about it. Let's share the look of these 'solar' solutions and the most important data.

Panasonic Exclusive Panels for Tesla

The first thing we have to know is that these beautiful solar panels that show us are a thing of Panasonic, its inseparable companion in everything that has to do with batteries-car and home-and energy.

The curious thing is that the Japanese company will use the Tesla facilities to create the panels, they will be conceived in the Gigafactory 2, or what is the same, the place where until now SolarCity had its factory (Buffalo).

Both companies agree that the use of this technology is exclusively for Tesla, there are no plans to sell to third parties what they produce there.

We are told that so far SolarCity and Tesla have been using panels from different suppliers for their residential and commercial projects. From now on, it will only be Panasonic.

The new modules (325W) of the Japanese company go into production this summer, and as you can see in the images, the priority is to create panels with better appearance and integration: they do not want to see the seams, only the panels forming a ceiling.

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