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Synchronize iCloud with Windows

Synchronize iCloud with Windows
The iCloud Control Panel is a program that allows access to iCloud from Windows, to manage and synchronize files between the PC and any of the devices of Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod) that have a storage space of 5GB to upload Photos, videos and other content.

Mac users who already have an iPhone can now sync their files, but now, those who have a PC or laptop will be able to synchronize their documents, contacts, emails, calendar data, task lists, notes and Other elements, thanks to this control panel created for Windows users. Some of these elements require Outlook 2007 or 2010 to be able to synchronize.

Users of any of the Apple devices with iOS system that use Safari as a browser, will be able to synchronize the favorites and other elements with the browsers that they use in their PC, either Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, through extensions that they have Each of these browsers (you should find the extension "iCloud Favorites" in the case of Chorme, and "iCloud Bookmarks" in the case of Firefox).

From this manager it is possible to access the photos and videos that have been uploaded from the phone to iCloud, and they will be able to download to the PC, as well as, it will be able to give access to other users to share albums.

There is a function called " Photos in Streaming " to send photos directly from the iPhone to the PC wirelessly, and also from the PC to the iPhone, without using iTunes.

Before installing this software you must configure iCloud on the Apple mobile device. After installing the application, you must enter the Apple ID provided during the iCloud configuration. You can then enable the automatic downloads option.

ICloud Control Panel 4.1 is the latest version, available for Windows 7 and 8 (does not support Vista or Windows XP). It is available in Spanish to download and install for free.

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